‘Boasting a truly eclectic mix of songs you might not be expecting to find on a jazz release, he and his simpatico adventurers apply what can only be called Ron Davis’ signature spirit of improvisation. With Blue buy real phentermine 37.5 mg online Modules, Davis underlines his skills as a phenomenal instrumentalist, a composer and an arranger. He jumps from grand piano to Fender Rhodes, celeste and back again honouring the true progression of his sense of what jazz can be. At the same time, he reinforces his fan base ‘those who know him for his swing-based, post-bop approach to the genre of jazz piano by taking a few risks in the name of good fun’¦ That Blue Modules is a progressive step forward is best summed up by the title track ‘a solid original that features a heartfelt stew of sounds that steer clear of labeling, allowing the groove to chart its own course and strike a nerve. This smooth, funky and highly elastic track best defines Davis’ spirited sense of where he wants the music to take you. Indeed, taking something so sacrosanct as a Beatles song most notably and aptly-titled, ‘You Can’t Do That’, speaks volumes to this newfound direction the reinvention of pop on his terms. Chances are good you’ll dig it as hard as Davis and his chosen musicians choose to dish it out.’