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“Vivid emotional colour…serious musical ability is juxtaposed with wit.”

Rob Scott - The Herald (Scotland)

Vivid emotional colour...serious musical ability is juxtaposed with wit.

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Symphonic Portraits, Groove Textures — Hammered Down & Jazzy – You Heard Right

John Apice, No Depression

Provocative... deeply affecting... it’s your mind, your heart and the little hairs on your arm that respond to the notes...It's that good.

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Spinning Gould – 30 Years After

David Perlman

Piano-man, and self-styled “recovering lawyer,” Ron Davis, is one of them for sure

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One of Canada’s most fluent jazz pianist/composers

Ron Davis steps outside the box with this eclectic and very entertaining new album.

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Highly recommended

Blue Modules puts a refreshing jazzy spin on a truly eclectic collection of songs from the pop and rock genres.

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A jazzy and funky sonic ride… a soulful vibe

Spill Magazine

entertaining, thought-provoking Jazz

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The reinvention of pop on his terms

Art and Culture Maven

Boasting a truly eclectic mix of songs you might not be expecting to find on a jazz release

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Blue Modules belongs on the Jazzfm91 First Listen list!

Brad Barker, JAZZ-FM

is fun...innovative... Ron Davis' new album belongs on the jazzfm91 First Listen list!

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Something Else!!!!

Opus One Review

Blue Modules' is, in the words of Ornette Coleman, Something Else!!!!

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I like Blue Modules very much

Terry McElligott, JAZZ-FM

A fine fine musical trek. I like Blue Modules very much.

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Sophisticated sonic pleasure…


He's on a mission to shake up the stereotype of the typical jazz audience by tackling his repertoire differently in an effort to regain the enthusiasm that the genre deserves.

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He’s all about taking giant steps

Errol Nazareth, QMI Agency - Toronto Sun

Adventurous and unconventional, he's all about taking giant steps every time he enters a recording studio.

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Excellent jazz release


Blue Modules is an excellent jazz release that is challenging and accessible at the same time.

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Tres groovy, ludique et funky

André Rhéaume - Radio-Canada/CBC

Le mec est insaisissable. C'est un excellent pianiste,... mais il est surtout un chercheur, un chasseur de sons et d'harmonies, et un sans peur en matière de répertoire.

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Firmly established…as an innovative force within the world of jazz.

Davida Ander - National Post

Davis has toured worldwide with various collaborators and accrued a great deal of praise to his name, with Jazz.FM calling him "one of the great minds in jazz" and CFRB "one of Canada's A-List pianists."

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CD features Windsor Symphony Orchestra with Ron Davis

Ted Shaw, The Windsor Star

The classically trained Davis fused orchestral music to jazz in works that quote such composers as Bach, Prokofiev and Stravinsky.

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Classical and jazz mix as… Ron Davis goes symphonic


Jazz pianist and composer Ron Davis may not be familiar to fans of classical music, but...

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WSO SymphRonica rocks!

The Windsor Star

"WSO SymphRonica rocks - The orchestrations of melodic material are reminiscent of the symphonic early recordings of Chuck Mangione and the orchestra sessions Miles Davis did with Gil Evans.... beautiful... stunning... mesmerizing... inventive!"

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He’s achieved the rare feat of bringing jazz to the symphony orchestra

Arthur Post, Music Director, Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra and the San Juan Symphony

“Ron Davis brought his show “Symphronica” to the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, and left with everyone’s heart in his pocket.

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He is a wonderful pianist, delightful, funny.

John Morris Russell, Conductor, Cincinnati Pops Orchestra / Windsor Symphony Orchestra

"Ron Davis' "Symphronica" performance with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra was a real smash.

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Que fait-on lorsque l’on fait du jazz?

Raphaël Lopoukhine

D’entrée de jeu, Ron Davis l’a annoncé : « Ce soir, toutes les notes seront jouées dans les deux langues officielles ».

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Authentic heir of the greatest pianists of Toronto…breathtaking!

Trud (Russia) Article

From the prestigious Russian journal Trud:

“…astonishing technique, authentic heir of the greatest pianists of Toronto - "classic" Glenn Gould and jazz musician Oscar Peterson... breathtaking!”

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The laws of jazz

Mike Foster - TABARET

Ron was the subject of a full magazine profile in the Ottawa TABARET magazine, entitled The Laws of Jazz, written by Mike Foster.

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Pocket Symphronica

Lesley Mitchell-Clarke,

Ron Davis has reaffirmed his position as one of the most tenacious and engaging musical artists in Canada.., an artist at the peak of his creativity and technical facility

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Ron Davis: D’Hora

Spill Magazine

His fluent playing meshes perfectly with the string section on a tune that mashes up jazz and world music with both exuberance and elegance.

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