Friday August 4

Clarke Hall – Port Credit

The “Music Hall Initiative” at Clarke Hall in Port Credit.

A new platform for professional collaborations between local musicians and local tap dance artists in the old ‘Music Hall’ Style. Different types of musical bands (jazz, latin, classical, etc…). Creating the fusion of tap dance with diverse musical genres. Tap Dance is the glue that can make a regular band performance turn into a fusion of the arts! People where to buy phentermine LOVE tap dance, and they LOVE live music, and Port Credit is already an ‘arts hub’… so this will add to an already eclectic culture that is always looking for more entertainment options in the area.

Musicians – The Ron Davis Trio:
• Ron Davis (keyboard and director)
• Louis Simaao (bass)
• Larry Crowe (drums)

Tap Dance Artists:
• Kim Chalovich
• Dianne Montgomery
• Travis Knights
• Johnathan Morin
• Andrew Prashad
• David Cox
• Ryan Foley
• Aaron Tolson