Kensington Market Jazz Festival

Ron Davis performs with Mike Downes (bass) - special guest: Daniela Nardi (Espresso Manifesto)
as part of the Kensington Market Jazz Festival.

Sunday September 17
12 noon - 1:00pm
Poetry Jazz Café
224 Augusta Ave

"Vivid emotional colour...serious musical ability is juxtaposed with wit."

Music review: SymphRONica, La Belle Angele, Edinburgh
Rob Adams
Folk & Jazz critic
The Herald (Scotland)

Four stars

SIXTY-plus years on from the first jazz-with-strings experiments, jazz and classical elements can still make an uneasy blend. Scotland’s own New Focus is one group that has successfully brought the two together and the Canadian pianist Ron Davis’ SymphRONica is another.

Davis’ ideas have some resemblance to another outfit that merges differing genres, Portland’s Pink Martini, not least in the way Latin American rhythms are given vivid emotional colour by the string arrangements but also in the light, almost throwaway manner that serious musical ability is juxtaposed with wit.

There may have been an element of putting the show together as we go here – only two of the other seven players onstage actually flew over with Davis – but the music has such a strong personality, and the musicians responded so surely to the aide memoirs from guitarist and musical director Kevin Barrett, that the results were entirely convincing.

The only drawback was that Davis is probably much more used to working with an acoustic piano. Even on an electric keyboard borrowed from the very promising and instrumentally accomplished young opening band, Manchester’s Artephis, however, Davis confirmed his chops.

His own compositions show a liking for characterful basslines, now taking big menacing steps, now waddling contentedly as the string quartet variously converses animatedly, conspires, sighs and improvises, and his arrangements and contrafacts lack nothing in imagination, drama and surprise. Rhythma-Ron, based on I Got Rhythm, featured the strings in brilliant duo and trio conflagrations and just to confirm Davis’ ear for detail and sense of fun, the Muppets theme was delivered as immaculately as the determinedly swinging The Way You Look Tonight.

SymphRONica Returns for 12 Shows at the World's Largest Arts Fest - Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

Aug 14 - 19, 21 - 26,
5pm - 6pm

Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Scottish Arts Club
24 Rutland Square, Edinburgh EH1 2BW, United Kingdom

Info and Tickets: Edinburgh Festival Fringe website: here

“Four Stars… Davis’ ideas have some resemblance to Pink Martini… serious musical ability is juxtaposed with wit.” – The Herald, Scotland (July 2017)

BBC buy phentermine online uk Radio 3 regular Ron Davis' SymphRONica has topped the charts, won international praise for their innovative sound, played the Pan Am Games and Trafalgar Square, and wowed Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2016. This year SymphRONica is back for 12 more shows at the historic Scottish Arts Club. Lucky you!

Ron Davis' SymphRONica Plays London's Savoy Hotel for Canada 150!

Saturday July 1, 2017
The Savoy, London, England

Ron Davis and SymphRONica have been invited by Canada’s High Commission in the U.K. to perform at the legendary Savoy on July 1, Canada Day as part of CANADA 150 – the official celebrations of Canada’s 150 birthday!


Friday August 4

Clarke Hall - Port Credit

The "Music Hall Initiative" at Clarke Hall in Port Credit.

A new platform for professional collaborations between local musicians and local tap dance artists in the old 'Music Hall' Style. Different types of musical bands (jazz, latin, classical, etc...). Creating the fusion of tap dance with diverse musical genres. Tap Dance is the glue that can make a regular band performance turn into a fusion of the arts! People where to buy phentermine LOVE tap dance, and they LOVE live music, and Port Credit is already an 'arts hub'... so this will add to an already eclectic culture that is always looking for more entertainment options in the area.

Musicians - The Ron Davis Trio:
• Ron Davis (keyboard and director)
• Louis Simaao (bass)
• Larry Crowe (drums)

Tap Dance Artists:
• Kim Chalovich
• Dianne Montgomery
• Travis Knights
• Johnathan Morin
• Andrew Prashad
• David Cox
• Ryan Foley
• Aaron Tolson

SymphRONica Returns to Edinburgh, Scotland

Monday July 3

La Belle Angèle - Edinburgh, Scotland

Ron and SymphRONica are becoming regular performers in Edinburgh, Scotland. On July 3, right after London, they will be returning there for a show at one of that great city's hippest clubs La Belle Angèle, presented by The Soundhouse Organisation. Details/Info here.


Ron Davis - RhythmaRON
A Trip Back to the Basics

Ron Davis, Toronto’s much-loved jazz pianist, has created a musical style that is simply known as “Ron’s style”. RhythmaRON, Ron Davis’ first solo piano album in his 40-year career, is a trip back to the basics to where it began. It is solo piano in the style of the greats: Earl “Fatha” Hines, Thomas “Fats” Waller, Willie “The Lion” Smith, Thelonious Monk, Oscar Peterson and Art Tatum. These are the works that shaped his world, the ones that he fastidiously studied until he knew every note, every pause and every part. “Handful of Keys”, “Piano Starts Here”, “Tracks”, “Solo Monk” were on his heavy rotation list and he performs them as only Ron Davis can.

As Ron puts it: “Those records got me started. They lit a fire in me. I began practicing as much as I could, so I could sound like my idols. Solo piano was where I wanted to go, and I got there eventually. First in the basement on my own, then in school and finally at my first gigs, all before I was old enough to vote, and all solo. When I started playing piano I played solo, and after 20 years of duos, trios, quartets and shows with my eight musician Pocket SymphRONica, I’m going back to where I began.“

RhythmaRON is Ron Davis’ eleventh album and includes the sounds and styles that informed his musical world from his beginnings as a pianist through to today. Ron Davis loves to share music and to add his creative twist to everything that he performs. This is how he describes the tunes:

1. Rhythmaron (Ron Davis) – Based on George Gershwin’s “I Got Rhythm” with a well-known Art Tatum sequence
2. Give Me the Simple Life (R. Bloom & H. Ruby) – First heard performed by Oscar Peterson, which becomes a never-to-be-forgotten musical aha moment.
3. You Can't Do That (J. Lennon & P. McCartney) – The Beatles meet Boogie Woogie
4. A Child Is Born (Thad Jones & Alec Wilder) – A ballad, exploring beauty in music.
5. The Fishin' Hole (E. Sloane, E. Hagen & H. Spencer) – Playing around with the theme song from the old TV classic “Andy of Mayberry”.
6. Moon River (H. Mancini & J. Mercer) – Henry Mancini’s timeless classic, played with a twist influenced by Eric Satie.
7. Jitterbug Waltz (T. Waller, M. Manners & C. Grean) – A swing era classic transposed into a minor key, giving it more ‘jitter’ than the original.
8. Cullibalue (Ron Davis) –The. Blues.
9. Over the Rainbow (H. Arlen & Y. Harburg) – Surely one of the most beautiful songs ever written.
10. Secret Love (S. Fain & P. Webster) – A good old straight-ahead jazz standard.
11. Rockin' in Rhythm (D. Ellington, H. Carney & I. Mills) – A rollicking nod to master pianist, Duke Ellington.
12. You Must Believe in Spring (M. Legrand) – A haunting, gorgeous song made famous by Bill Evans.
13. Swing Street (Ron Davis) – Returning to his roots, Ron plays some klezmer stride that first kindled his musical curiosity and passion.

RhythmaRON was recorded over three days in February 2017 on a Bosendorfer Imperial Grand with longtime producer/engineer colleague and friend Dennis Patterson. Ron Davis is proud of the results. It took him many years to return to solo playing. It was worth the wait.

June 20/21 RhythmaRON CD Release – Jazz Bistro
July 1 Trafalgar Square, London UK – Official Canada 150 Celebrations
July 1 Savoy Hotel, London UK – Official Canada 150 Celebrations
July 3 La Belle Angele, Edinburgh, Scotland
August 14 – 19 & 21– 26 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, The Scottish Arts Club
September Stratford, Ontario
November Ron Davis’ Pocket SymphRONica Lula Lounge Series begins

Pocket SymphRONica
Mungle Music
Shimmering Rhythm
Subaraashi Live

“Firmly established as an innovative force within the world of jazz.” - National Post

“One of the most tenacious and engaging musical artists in Canada... an artist at the peak of his creativity and technical facility.” - WholeNote

"Ron Davis is a name that is synonymous with creativity, inventiveness, eclecticism... an unclassifiable pianist, a great virtuoso, a genius composer..." L’Express |


Saturday July 1, 2017
Trafalgar Square, London, England

Ron Davis and SymphRONica have been invited by Canada’s High Commission in the U.K. to perform in the heart of London- historic Trafalgar Square- on July 1, Canada Day as part of CANADA 150 – the official celebrations of Canada’s 150 birthday.

The past few years have been good to Ron and his team. Their “Pocket SymphRONica” recording topped the charts, and they were honored with being the Critic’s Choice performers at the 2015 Pan Am Games. They finished an impressive 10-show run at the Edinburgh Fringe buy phentermine without prescription Festival 2016– AND became BBC Radio 3 regular performers.

It looks like 2017 is going to be another exciting year for Ron and SymphRONica. After captivating the crowds at the Chamber Music America Conference in New York City- where they were jury-selected performers- they have also been invited back to Edinburgh to perform 12 more shows! BBC Radio 3 is also excited to potentially have them back as guest performers.

Details for their performance in London are being finalized. Stay up to date with all the latest Ron Davis and SymphRONica information here.

Ron Davis' SymphRONica Plays Trafalgar Square for Canada 150!

Saturday July 1, 2017 12:00 noon
Trafalgar Square, London, England

Ron Davis and SymphRONica have been invited by Canada’s High Commission in the U.K. to perform in the heart of London-historic Trafalgar Square-on July 1, Canada Day as part of CANADA 150 – the official celebrations of Canada’s 150 birthday!

RON DAVIS CD RELEASE! "RhythmaRON" - Solo Piano Piano @ The Jazz Bistro

Wednesday June 21, 2017 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Jazz Bistro - 251 Victoria St, Toronto, (416) 363-5299 /

Ron releases his 11th recording, but his first all-solo piano outing: RhythmaRON. New and innovative arrangements of jazz standards and original tunes by Ron. The evening will feature solo performances by Ron, as well as duo work with long time collaborator Mike Downes on bass.